Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A different kind of anniversary

“Our blessed hands will reach your leaders and soldiers wherever they are (You Opened Hell Gates on Yourselves).”
Hamas, November 14, 2012

“No Hamas operatives, whether low level or senior leaders, (should) show their faces above ground in the days ahead.”
IDF, November 15, 2012

Tonight marks 364 days since the official start of Operation Pillar of Defense, Israel’s 8-day attempt to end rocket fire from Gaza into Israeli territory.

Today, Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, announced that rocket fire decreased 98% over the last year! Only 35 rockets were fired into Israel in 12 months! This has been the quietest year in decades in terms of terrorist attacks in Israel!

Yessiree bob!!

This is certainly a decrease over the 40 rockets that were fired onto Beer Sheva in one hour on November 14, 2012.

Only 35 rockets!!! That’s an average of less than three a month!! Who can complain??

Well, me for one.

Despite the fact that NOT EVEN ONE of those 35 little rockets was directed at Beer Sheva, and really some of them were only mortars (!) and not real rockets, and everyone knows that kassams are harmless, I’m complaining.
This kind of mortar?

or this kind??

I’m complaining because I still jump when I hear a sudden loud noise and my heart registers an incoming missile before my brain registers a car horn.
I’m complaining because my son has to take his wife and his 10-month old son downstairs (only one flight! yay!) to a safe room in their apartment building when the alarms go off. But first they have to get dressed. They have one minute.
I’m complaining because my other two sons (one post- and one pre-army service) who are living in two different cities in Israel don’t have access to a safe room but have lots of access to Kassamim.
I’m complaining because I still occasionally have nightmares.
I’m complaining because I still keep my ears open when I’m in the shower, hoping I get out in time.
I’m complaining because I still need to check out where the safe room is in any building I enter.
I’m complaining because all this passes as normal life.
harmless kassamim
I’m complaining because there are still terrorist attacks almost every day; because rockets are still falling (yeh, right only 35, I forgot, though Wikipedia counts more than 50 ); and because Hamas has rearmed to the proverbial teeth.

(Just as I finished typing the last sentence, the news was released that the boy sleeping on the bus who was stabbed this morning died of his wounds. He was killed because he was alive, and that couldn't be tolerated. Does John Kerry know about that?)

I'm complaining because the lives of so many families are being torn apart, daily, and we're supposed to be thrilled that only 35 rockets have been shot into Israel, only five people (as of today, six) have been killed this year in attacks.

I’m complaining because the world has no idea. Apartheid, ethnic cleansing, oppression, illegitimate, fascism, racism, are only some of the lovely words that the world is increasingly using and are reserved only for Israel. These words have been substituted for blood drinking baby killers, and god killers, and even Bolsheviks or capitalists (depending on the mood) but are just as vicious and libelous, and are down and out lies.
Even US Secretary of State John Kerry got into the act, recently stating that the settlements in the ‘West Bank’ are ‘illegitimate’. Wrong. See former-ambassador to Canada, Alan Baker’s answer to that one.

Rather, the words West Bank are illegitimate. Unless you’re talking about Banks in West Fargo, or the west side of the Rhine river.
For more true information about the West Bank, follow the link.

How about the House of Lords in Britain demanding an apology for the original Balfour Declaration. What a hoot.
So yeh, I’m complaining.

Just for the record, 35 rockets fired into Israeli territory is 35 rockets too many.
Please take a moment tonight to say a prayer for the family of Eden Attias, murdered today as he was sleeping.

And a prayer for the safety of our soldiers who guard us day and night and a prayer that, one day, we won't need them.

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